We are… Those Web Dudes

We are…

We are… Those Web Dudes

We make awesome websites and other really cool stuff.

Ever wonder what makes some websites deliver while others just sit there unnoticed?

We don’t…at least not any more!

You see, WE have cracked the code! We create beautiful, refreshing, and engaging websites that don’t break the bank.

We’re a creative agency with expertise in making functional, cool and affordable websites.

Some of us are old enough to remember the Saturday morning cartoon where the two ordinary heroes would touch fists and utter the phrase “Wondertwin Powers Activate.” Alone, each was a mere mortal. When they touched, that’s when the magic would happen.

That’s exactly how it happens here. We are just two web developers on a mission but we neither of us could do it alone.

The Secret is Our ProcessThe Secret is Our ProcessThe Secret is Our Process

Well the first thing we do is…

We Listen!

We work with you to devise a working plan.
We pick from our library of pre-created sites and select which pretested solutions will work best.

We review your marketing and

Targeting Strategies,

We review which modules you may have missed that will most certainly enhance your efforts.
We let you be you. You know your audience so we let you tell your story your way.
You chill. By this point, we have collected enough info to create your thrilling perfect website.
Lastly, the kicker…
Once your website is delivered, we give you a full hour of training to make sure you are the master of your environment.

Our Projects


Branding and digital are forte. Given the state of the world, think it’s time that we start.


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Our clients

We’ve worked with big and small alike.

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Words rarely fail me, but I am having difficulty coming up with the appropriate words to express my gratitude to the team at www.thosewebdudes.com. I appreciate and thank them for their patience with ME, with my insane SCHEDULE, and with my LACK of computer savvy ! They created my site to be something beyond what I had envisioned and I so appreciate their professionalism and timeliness! I sing their praises and HIGHLY recommend their services and work to anyone in search of a web designing team! If you have a vision for what you would like to see, they will take it and make it MORE! Ever grateful and satisfied customer!
Bobi Gill-Brooks,
Ebony JP

Dream Team

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